Who can apply?

Applicants can be talented individuals or groups from the Trust’s restricted beneficial area of Colchester and North East Essex.

This beneficial area is defined as the circulation area covered by the original seven newspaper titles published by the Essex County Newspapers Group when Hervey Benham was the proprietor and managing director. This area has now been identified by the Trustees by postcodes, which are represented on the following map :

beneficial area

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The application process

Suitable applicants, by reference to the funding programmes and beneficial area, can obtain an application form from the Clerk to the Trustees – see Contact details page. When the Clerk issues an application form the applicant is advised of the submission time scales for the next two meetings of the Trustees.

The issuing of an application form is not an indication of what decision the Trustees may eventually take in their absolute discretion. Applications are processed by the Clerk to the Trustees who submits them to the Trustees at their quarterly meetings.  The Clerk will normally obtain references for individual applicants.

The Trustees may decide to interview any applicant and/or the family of the applicant before any grant is considered.

Decisions of the Trustees on all applications submitted to them will be conveyed to the applicant as soon as practicable after their quarterly meeting, usually in writing.

The opportunity for the consideration of an application will lapse if the completed application form is not submitted within a period of 12 months from it being sent out.

All enquiries will be reported to the Trustees but only those from individuals or groups normally resident in the Colchester and North East Essex area, and whose applications meet the aims and objectives of the Hervey Benham Charitable Trust, will be considered.