Founder of the Hervey Benham Trust

Hervey Benham, 1910-1987, newspaper proprietor, author, patron of the arts and lover of maritime Essex founded the Hervey Benham Trust in 1978.

Screenshot 2015-05-15 00.35.41During a lifetime in the local newspaper industry Hervey Benham expanded the two Colchester titles he inherited (Benham Newspapers Ltd) into the Essex County Newspapers Group, which comprised eight weekly newspapers and one evening paper. These newspapers served Colchester, Clacton, Frinton & Walton, Braintree & Witham, Maldon, Halstead and Chelmsford. In partnership with Arnold Quick the printing company QB Ltd was established and pioneered the web-offset process, which brought new quality standards to newspaper and magazine printing.

A prominent Colchester citizen, he was a founder of the Colchester Civic Society in 1964 and he launched the campaign which led to the building of the Colchester Mercury Theatre in 1972.

A lifelong amateur sailor, he became an authority on the boats and their related trades along the east coast of England, themes which supplied the basis of eleven of his fifteen books.

An enthusiastic amateur bassoonist, he encouraged talented young musicians to realise their potential and enjoy their music making.


The Trust seeks to continue giving substance to the ideals of its founder by making grants out of the funds that have been managed from those originally provided by Hervey Benham.