What can be applied for?

The aims of the Trust are, primarily but not exclusively, to support:-

  • artistic (particularly musical) activities which benefit the people of Colchester and district and can be advanced through “pump priming” by the Trust and/or a contribution which enables “self help” to function more effectively;
  • individuals with potential artistic (especially musical) talent who are held back by physical, environmental or financial disability;
  • preservation of Colchester and district’s heritage with particular emphasis on industrial heritage and the maritime traditions of the Essex and Suffolk coast;
  • local history and conservation affecting the heritage and environment of the area.

The Trust’s broad objectives are to assist talented individuals or groups who would otherwise be underfunded to enable them to develop individual skills or, in the case of groups, their role in the community.

Grants awarded range from tens of pounds to a few thousand.   However, the primary purpose is to offer practical support and encouragement as opposed to overall, or matching, funding.

Individuals should note that Masters and other further degree studies are currently outside the Trust’s funding priorities.